Brodysoft LiteHelpers
Embedded mobile databases - custom software - mentoring and training services


Free license Commercial license per app Commercial license for unlimited apps Commercial warranty and support
Cordova-sqlite-storage Basic version MIT / Apache 2.0 N/A N/A N/A
cordova-sqlite-ext Basic version with pre-populated databases and other extra features MIT / Apache 2.0 N/A N/A N/A
Cordova-sqlcipher-adapter Encrypted version MIT / Apache 2.0 N/A N/A N/A
Cordova-sqlite-evcore versions Additional performance and stability enhancements for Android; support for PhoneGap Build GPL (US) $900 N/A 3 months
Cordova-sqlite-evplus versions Cordova-sqlite-evcore enhancements for Android; additional encoding and memory fixes for iOS GPL N/A (US) $6800 12 months
cordova-sqlite-evmax versions Cordova-sqlite-evplus enhancements for Android and iOS; web worker support GPL N/A (US) $28000 12 months


Limited issue support (such as Angular / Ionic support) (US) $200 per issue (up to 2 hours)
Limited 3-month support retainer (US) $400 per developer (up to 4 hours)
Extended warranty and support retainer (team) (US) $2400 per year (up to 5 members, 25 hours per year)
Priority bug fix service Please contact for an estimate


  • Cordova sqlite development and support services

  • Priority bug fix

  • Priority feature development

  • Custom feature development

  • Long-term warranty and support retainers

  • Other development services

  • Frontend development

    Frontend development using popular frameworks such as JQuery Mobile, Vue.js, and React. Data synchronization.

  • Backend development

    Design for scalability via event driven processes and multithreading, in any combination of C, C++, Java, and JavaScript. Use of Node.js whenever appropriate.

  • Mentoring and training services

  • Evaluation of existing development practices and processes

  • Participation in multiple stages of development

  • Possibility to work onsite if necessary

  • Cost estimates

  • Fixed cost estimates are available upon request.


  • Commercial licenses

  • Commercial licenses are valid upon confirmed payment, with a receipt from Brodysoft LiteHelpers.

  • Users are still obligated to follow the permissive license terms of Cordova-sqlite-storage.

  • Cordova sqlite support and development services

  • There is no IPR transfer. Cordova sqlite development services are offered as a special form of support service.

  • Cost estimates

  • As stated above: fixed cost estimates are available upon request.

  • Payment methods

  • PayPal, check, or bank transfer


Brodysoft LiteHelpers is an organization by @brodybits (Christopher J. Brody aka Chris Brody) dedicated to supporting the sqlite plugin and other related projects for enterprise mobile applications.

Brodysoft LiteHelpers is based in Providence, RI.

Some other projects by @brodybits:

@brodybits has maintained the Cordova sqlite plugin for over 4 years and programmed mobile messaging systems for over 15 years. For more information: